CS-VUE Site Updates and Handy Tips

– September 14, 2016

Site changes:

Here at CS-VUE our industrious team of developers have been busy behind the scenes preparing CS-VUE for new dashboard and reporting enhancements. Some of this work is already live, there is more to come but some of the key features you will find useful are:

  1. Export of dashboard graphs (JPEG), for your own reports in Word or PowerPoint.
  2. Reskin of the interface, including colours and font, to make it easier to read
  3. Reskin of tooltips on main pages
  4. Improved browser performance
  5. New phase labels, clearer and easier to read
  6. New and improved global search: you can find anything with the first 2-3 letters!

Handy tip for the day:

Accidentally deleted that CS-VUE alert? Wondering where your CS-VUE alert emails are?

Click on the Alert tab, then under Email Alerts, click on “Alerts in the last 1 month”, you can see the most recent alerts sent. This is specific to your login so you can only see emails sent to you, not anyone else.


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