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CS-VUE Environmental Compliance is a fully integrated Environmental compliance system. In addition to consents, a wide range of legal documentation can be managed using CS-VUE.

Environmental Management Across the Board

If you currently use a system involving spreadsheets, multiple documents and paper files, you’ll know that compliance can be complicated and stressful. With these systems, knowing where you stand in regards to compliance may seem insurmountable – CS-VUE allows users to instantly understand their position.





Stakeholder engagement plans

Environmental plans

Trade Waste

Farm Plans

Building Consents

Environmental Compliance | Features

Permit Libary Online Consent Database

002-clock Real Time Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Calendar Compliance Calendar

Alerting System

Obligation Alerting System 

010-draw Track Legal Obligations


Bring Legal Documents to Life

Unlimited Users Hierarchy of User Responsibilities

Third Party Access

Third Party User Access

009-globalGiS Integration


Accessible via mobile device


Project Management Tools

Easy Reporting Complete Reporting Tools and Dashboard

Do you know if your business is compliant?

Globally, both corporate and public organisations recognise the importance of Environmental Management Systems – whether as part of a greater social responsibility and sustainable growth plan or to comply with government regulations.

Where do you stand? If you were audited tomorrow would you be able to confidently report on your compliance status?

CS-VUE Environmental Compliance helps you maintain a high level of regulatory compliance – saving your business money, reducing risk of penalties and improving your public relations.

The cost of non-compliance

Non-Compliance is expensive. Over the past ten years the cost of non-compliance has risen substantially – it is no longer uncommon to see fines in the six figures.

Eliminate the stress

CS-VUE clarifies environmental compliance – ensuring that you have a clear understanding of your compliance status at all times.

By compiling all of your compliance data into one secure location, accessible online from any location, CS-VUE eliminates risk of losing critical legal documentation.

Once loaded to CS-VUE, your compliance data is searchable, with an inbuilt alert system to ensure that you never miss an obligation.

With clients spanning from government organisations to corporate entities, CS-VUE is continuously updated using new technology to meet legislative requirements.

The result is a higher level of compliance, reduced risk and simplified processes.

CS-VUE’s cloud based system can be accessed from any online accessible location, at any time. With no hardware to install and New Zealand based, hands on customer care, our aim is to make implementation of CS-VUE the easy choice.

CS-VUE makes compliance easy

“We’re setting the benchmark…and this software is very much a part of that benchmark. It adds incredible data management because we were talking about legal activities here – potentially illegal activities if you’re not doing your job right.”

Auckland Council