Reduce your risk,
achieve high compliance levels

CS-VUE provides powerful, smart and simple online tools to responsible companies and organizations looking to reduce risk, while maintaining high levels of compliance.

Our Environmental Compliance Management and Risk Management systems are designed by experts to meet the latest in legislative requirements. For you this means the benefits of a cloud based, best practice, framework to help you manage your HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) obligations and align with ISO standards.

Manage your compliance obligations with CS-VUE

Our environmental compliance software takes a holistic view on environmental obligations to give organisations an ‘environmental balance sheet’ to operate from.

It works in three parts: Consents are issued, then broken down into all of its conditions which creates a workflow model for the clients, the technology tracks the consent and conditions as they become pending, with active requirements notifying the relevant managers.

Minimise your risk with CS-VUE

Unmitigated risk can have great consequences for your business, both in terms of economic performance and in professional reputation. If you’re working in the environmental sector, you’ll know that risk to the environment and to your personnel can be high.

In NZ, the tide is currently changing, a she’ll be right attitude is no longer good enough – risk, must be taken seriously. CS-VUE’s Risk Management system provides an integrated Risk Register and Incident Management System to help identify, minimise, isolate and eliminate risk.

CS-VUE’s cloud based system can be accessed from any online accessible location, at any time. With no hardware to install and New Zealand based, hands on customer care, our aim is to make implementation of CS-VUE the easy choice.

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Benefits of CS-VUE product suite

  • Secure, 24/7 access, from any online location
  • Tailored reporting tools displayed on a Dashboard, allowing for real time analysis of HSE status
  • Multiple users
  • Date driven task list and alerting system
  • Tools that are designed to followed legislative and ISO requirements
  • Hierarchy of responsibilities to ensure that data security is upheld and obligations are met

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We’re setting the benchmark…and this software is very much a part of that benchmark. It adds incredible data management because we were talking about legal activities here – potentially illegal activities if you’re not doing your job right.”

Auckland Council

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