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Use the CS-VUE dashboard to view the compliance status of your all current permits or customise it by consent holder or by project.

Create a project, add either the permits you are interested in or the conditions you wish to monitor, and then select your project from the drop-down.

The benefit of selecting your project means you can focus on what is relevant and valuable for you.



Client-tailored Systems

CSVUE-clientAt CS-VUE we understand no two organisations are the same. We are happy to understand your individual requirements and accommodate them within CS-VUE. We have a team of dedicated software developers that can tailor the system to your needs. Our most recent client tailoring was an email escalation system.

Each time a permit remains non-compliant for the specified time (1-5 days), an escalation email is sent to recipients. You define how many escalation levels exist, and who is present on each level. Recipients can be anyone: Condition Manager, Permit Manager or Project Manager, any contact or user within CS-VUE or generic emails.

Contact us to add the email escalation module to your license before the end of the year, including free Skype training.




Regulatory Review Module: Seamless integration between consent holder and regulator


The regulatory review module allows for a two-step sign off process between consent holder and regulator. This speeds up condition compliance, while increasing your reputation with territorial authorities.

Once compliance evidence has been attached to a consent condition and set to compliant – the consent holder can send the information and allow access to the associated regulator. This compliance information is then accepted – or send sent back for review and additional information. The module keeps a precise record of the process. The regulator will only have access to information submitted by the consent holder.

Increase quality assurance on condition compliance, and increase efficiency by reducing effort in record keeping with CS-VUE Regulatory Review.

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You can archive consents you no longer need to manage by changing the permit status to “Archive”.  You can store as many archived consents as you like in CS-VUE, so you always have access to any historical information. Please contact us on 09 984 7732 or if you have any questions or concerns.