CS-VUE is ready to help with new Health & Safety Legislation

Cameron Brewer – August 28, 2015

With the health and safety legislation now passed in Parliament, Britomart-based software company CS-VUE is putting its hand up to help the likes of big infrastructure companies and heavy industry manage and respond to their new workplace responsibilities.

“In recent months while this has been formulated and debated in Wellington, we’ve been busy in Auckland developing a new software application and running pilot programmes to help bigger employers in particular comply with the new rules,” says CS-VUE General Manager Wayne Fisher.

CS-VUE’s health and safety risk management software helps businesses to identify, manage as well as minimise or eliminate risks and hazards in the workplace. The company is also keen to work with lower risk businesses with many now also facing extra responsibilities.

Once in effect, those who put employees at risk without the appropriate training, safety gear, knowledge of hazards or do not carry out proper risk assessments and actively manage them could face some serious sanctions.

CS-VUE is best known for its environmental compliance software which helps manage and track complex resource consent conditions following the arrival of the Resource Management Act.

“Our new health and safety product is a cloud-based web application, giving easy and 24 hour access to organisations and staff no matter their location. Being cloud-based also keeps hardware costs down and builds resilience as it keeps critical information secure from any earthquakes, floods or fires.”

Fisher says the new legislation is certainly a step in the right direction and will help organisations with the cultural change to a more risk managed footing.

“Ensuring workplaces understand and more actively manage their risks is long overdue given New Zealand’s “pretty dreadful” record for workplace accidents. In fact he says Kiwis are 2.5 times more likely to die in a workplace accident than in Australia and six to nine times more likely than in the UK.

“Our software alone won’t stop accidents or injuries but it will help organisations get on top of their responsibilities, and create a comprehensive and lengthy audit trail, which will keep the likes of WorkSafe New Zealand happy.”

Fisher say the software is priced very competitively and will considerably cut down the amount of manual work required by existing paper or spreadsheet based systems, delivering cost savings and productivity gains from day one.

“For most big companies and organisations administrating these changes doesn’t need to be hard, nor does it necessarily mean a lot more money and staff time.

“We’re here to allow affected business to focus more on achieving positive health and safety outcomes and worry less about the process. CS-VUE is expecting a busy few years as the big entities in particular come to terms with these new obligations,” says Fisher.

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