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Madeleine de Young – August 20, 2015

‘After spending over a decade helping local government, big infrastructure players and heavy industry manage and track their resource consents, Auckland-based software company CS-VUE is now turning its expertise to designing health and safety software as the same sectors prepare to respond to more onerous legal requirements.’

‘Software company prepares for new Health & Safety regime’ – Scoop

Key facets of any risk management software are the identification of hazards and proof they are being managed correctly… Mr Fisher adds that many of these businesses already emphasise safety but it is not always recorded in a formal manner.

“If an accident does occur, you are going to get investigated. If you can prove you have systems and you have identified and made measures to eliminate risk, you certainly stand in better stead as far as litigation goes,” he says.

‘Employers should prepare for new safety law’ – Campbell Gibson, National Business Review

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Local Government Magazine, August, 2015

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