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The Challenge

The Transport Agency creates transport solutions for a thriving New Zealand. We achieve this through our four core business functions: (1) planning the land transport networks, (2) investing in land transport, (3) managing the state highway network, and (4) providing access to and use of the land transport system. The Agency’s Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy makes a commitment to protecting and enhancing the environment as well as avoiding adverse effects during the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of the state highway network. This requires us to commit to environmental legal compliance.

Prior to CS VUE the Transport Agency (then Transit) relied on a range of spreadsheet type systems that differed from contract to contract.

The Agency wasn’t easily able to gain an overview of all its consent requirements or compliance status.

A commitment to our environmental and social responsibility policy meant a robust, user friendly and transparent system was required to ensure we understood and were able to comply with our environmental statutory requirements.

The Result

Our large roads of national significance projects may receive 70 + consents.  Each project may be constructed in slightly different ways with multiple construction areas, staged construction, more than one delivery alliance etc.

Using CS-VUE allows us to discuss how compliance against these consent conditions will be managed across multiple teams or construction areas, to agree on that method,  to keep a view of specific and overall compliance as the project progresses and to communicate and report on that compliance.

The complexity of those big projects means we often have to depart from our standard practices in terms of how we set up contracts in CS-VUE.  CS-VUE has the flexibility to select a set up that best meets the requirements of the project, whether it is groupings of conditions within a work package or for a specific provider on the contract. 24 of NZTA’s providers currently use CS-VUE to track and report on Transport Agency environmental permit compliance.

We have found CS VUE to be responsive to our needs and prepared to evolve to respond to the changes in the way our contracts are delivered.

– Vanessa Browne, Principal Environmental Specialist at NZTA

Recent News

We’re setting the benchmark…and this software is very much a part of that benchmark. It adds incredible data management because we were talking about legal activities here – potentially illegal activities if you’re not doing your job right.”

Auckland Council

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