CS-VUE keeps your compliance in check.

CS-VUE’s cloud based compliance software is simply better. No software to install. No hardware issues. Unlimited users. Access to our best practice software is enjoyed by all our clients, from anywhere, no matter the size of the business.


CS-VUE, making compliance easy

Founded in 2004, CS-VUE was designed for your industry, by experts to meet real world demands for tools to help manage the burden of resource management compliance.

Today CS-VUE is a leading provider of HSE (health, safety and environment) management software in New Zealand, supporting customers across all major industries in Australia and New Zealand.

Environmental Compliance Management

CS-VUE’s Environmental Compliance Management System is designed to take the complexity and confusion out of compliance management. With an inbuilt alerting system, it clarifies your upcoming obligations in an easy to follow, auditable and time proof manner.

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Health & Safety

Designed to meet New Zealand’s amended Health and Safety Act, CS-VUE’s Risk Management system SafetyFirst is composed of an integrated risk registry and incident management system, designed to ensure that at the end of the day, every employee goes home safe.

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By replacing disparate Excel spreadsheets, folders and Word documents, CS-VUE reduces your risk instantly. Our best practice tools are simple and secure.

A cloud based, Software as a Service, CS-VUE is available from any internet accessible location at any time, with regular centralised updates to ensure our clients receive the best service.

It’s the smart choice.

Measure your environmental status

Globally, both corporate and public organisations recognise the importance of HSE management systems. CS-VUE makes environmental management systems both measurable and tangible. Using key compliance indicators, CS-VUE can calculate and present the environmental status of any organisation in seconds.

Acting almost like an ‘environmental balance sheet’, CS- VUE users can instantly understand their position.

With clients spanning from government organizations to corporate entities, CS-VUE is continuously updated using new technology to meet legislative requirements.

The result is a higher level of compliance and reduced risk.

We’re setting the benchmark…and this software is very much a part of that benchmark. It adds incredible data management because we were talking about legal activities here – potentially illegal activities if you’re not doing your job right.”

Auckland Council

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